Drive revenue with a launch pad

A launch pad is “the area on which a rocket stands for launching, typically consisting of a platform with a supporting structure.” - New Oxford American Dictionary


Applying a similar definition to website design opens exciting opportunities for efficient, and rapid sales growth

The launch pad website becomes a platform for constant study, revision, and improvement. This approach to web design minimizes financial risk, and ensures you create a high performing asset. Like fine wine, your site will age and mature over time.

How does it work? Great question…

A launch pad website helps you monitor visitor behavior, and identify the habits indicating your potential customers. It's useful to integrate your website with a dedicated customer relationship management (CRM) tool. This connects visitor activity with the indivuduals who complete forms on your site and return to your site. The CRM collects this data and organizes it into unique lead profiles.


Think of your CRM as the casting net capturing all leads attracted to your offer. There are a lot of CRM providers out there. The big names that jump out are Salesforce and Hubspot. Many other's also provide great CRM software, without the stranglehold over the marketplace. One of my favorite CRM's that is have used is Capsule. It's very affordable and highly customizable. However, if you're looking to integrate the CRM's data with visitor traffic on your website, it's likely you will use a more robust platform similar to Hubspot.


Notes to consider before take off...

  • What is the value of a lead to your business?
  • How are your sales reps recording engagement with prospects?
  • Are you analyzing your sales pipeline and approach?
  • Do you use sales documents to record enagement and gauge interest?
  • Are you notified when prospects return to your site?

Think about your very best customers and the buyer's journey leading them to your business. Create a selling strategy to replicate said journey, then build your website and CRM to compliment.

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